Career development


Through five clearly defined stages, NAHT Edge will help you to focus on your objectives of achieving a successful career and will provide you with the tools to plot a route to get there.

Stage one explores the concept of lifelong career development and how to map out and achieve your longer term career goals. The next stage looks at a range of tools and tips to help you create a professional online profile as a means of helping you get noticed.

Stage three looks at how to write a great CV which will become your passport to new career opportunities. Stage four will help you prepare for that all important interview by exploring different interview scenarios and the skills needed to cope with them through to how positive non-verbal communication can make a difference.

Finally, having been successful we look at how to succeed in your new role by looking at how you approach your first term whether you’ve moved schools or have been promoted internally.

Section one – career development

Section two – choosing the right school for you

Section three – writing your personal statement and application form

Section four – preparing for a job interview

Section five – succeeding in your new role