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NAHT is the largest union for senior leaders in education.

Members hold leadership positions in:

  • early years and primary schools
  • independent schools
  • secondary schools
  • special schools and pupil referral units

What makes NAHT the right union for you? Maybe it's because we're also a professional association or that we focus our services just for leaders in education. Those are two reasons, but there are many others as well.

 NAHT welcomes into full membership all education leaders from both academic and managerial grades within educational professions in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and Scotland.

If you would like us to check your eligibility for membership or that you are paying the correct rate of subscription, please click here to submit your current work details.

Those eligible to join include:

Head Teacher, Executive Head, Director, Principal    £33.25 monthly / £399 annual 

Deputy Head Teacher, Vice Principal   £26.50 monthly / £318 annual

Assistant Head Teacher, Assistant Principal   £18.50 monthly / £222 annual

School Business Professional   £18.50 monthly / £222 annual

Children’s Centre Leader   £18.50 monthly / £222 annual

Life Membership (for retired members)  A one-off fee is payable in the first year: head teachers £399, deputy head teachers £318, assistant heads and school business managers £222. This can be paid as a single payment or in 12 monthly instalments. Thereafter £36 per annum is chargeable.

Professional Associate   £16.75 monthly / £201 annual

98% of members reported they were satisfied with the NAHT - the highest satisfaction levels of any education uion* and in our own survey 90% of our members would recommend you to join!
Whether you are looking for advice or a third-party provider to provide services for your school, we are experienced and have, alongside our partners, developed different services suited to your needs.
Our members work in many types of schools; maintained, SEND, academies and independents, and we work hard campaigning and negotiating on your behalf.
We are both a professional association and a trade union, meaning we can help you with your personal development and support you through difficulties when times are tough.
Need to review the school's appraisal policy or want to know about your entitlements on retirement? Our model policies and guidance documents can help you through the process, plus we’re always on the end of the phone if you have further questions.
We offer a wide variety of professional conferences and training programmes to help you develop your knowledge, practical skills and thinking, whether you’re a new leader or already established in your role.
All our members receive a weekly e-newsletter covering essential education news, plus our membership magazine with advice,  analysis and opinions on the current topics in education.

NAHT has a dedicated team who know everything there is to know about education and the daily issues faced by senior leaders in schools.

Members can call our advice team hotline for one-to-one advice and we have a team of specialists who work across England, Northern Ireland and Wales supporting individuals threated by disciplinary or redundancy issues. 

If NAHT sounds like the right union for you Join now and become part of our community.


To join NAHT you need to provide:

  • personal contact details
  • a personal email address
  • your bank details to set up a monthly direct debit
  • your employment details (we do not notify your employer that you have joined)

It will take approximately five minutes to register. You will be notified by email if your application has been successful, and when your membership commences we will send you your membership details.

Memberships starts on the first of the month, so if you apply mid month, your membership will start on the first of the following month. If you wish your membership to commence in the current month, please phone 01444 472 414 to speak to our membership team.

If you wish to join as an overseas member please contact us