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Recruitment and retention

The issue

Lack of professional recognition and trust, unsustainable workload, high stakes inspection, and falling real pay, are driving leadership attrition and undermining aspiration to lead. These pressures exacerbate the existing lack of diversity across leadership roles and the challenges faced by leaders and aspiring leaders with certain protected characteristics. 

What we want to see

To improve leadership supply, NAHT is campaigning for government to: 

  • restore leaders’ real pay, restore the leadership pay differential; and pressing for an STRB remit to consult with trade unions to devise a new professional pay structure to support all teachers and leaders throughout their careers  
  • restore trust by empowering school leaders to make the decisions that best meet their learners’ needs, free from centralised diktat and control 
  • reform inspection and accountability measures to remove drivers of unnecessary workload, fear and stress  
  • commit to full and meaningful engagement, consultation and collaboration with the profession’s representative bodies when developing policy  
  • value school leaders and teachers by removing the drivers of the mental health and well-being crisis, and providing accessible, fully funded support (including the delivery of supervision and measures to increase diversity in leadership).


Get involved

You can help to make a difference in your local area by making your voice heard within your local authority and with your local MP. 

Below, we have provided resources to help you get involved in the campaign. Get together with other members from your branch or region to take action.

Write a letter to your MP by downloading our guide and template

Hold a roundtable discussion with your MP using our guide and template

Use our slide deck to tell colleagues and peers about NAHT's campaigns