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National executive


National executive is the governing body and managerial authority of NAHT that oversees the policy direction we take in between our Annual Conference and AGM each year.

It is made up of regional and education sector representatives to ensure there’s a champion for each type of member we serve. See who represents you on our National Executive below.

Contact our democracy and governance team to learn more about the role and get in touch with our national executive. 

The role and responsibilities of national executive members

All members of NAHT's national executive are elected to represent a region or a particular section of the membership. Specifically, executive members:

  • participate in the strategic oversight of the Association’s affairs and the determination of policy during periods between annual conference

  • represent the views of the members in an NAHT region at the national level, or represent a section of the membership for whom they have been elected to serve

  • act as a channel of communication between members, branches and regions in their area with the National Executive and headquarters staff

  • offer and provide support to local branches through personal contact with local officials and their regular attendance at selected local meetings

  • work with other Executive members in an NAHT region, and with local officials, to promote the business of the region, including local initiatives to support and/or recruit new members

National executive nominations

Due to vacancy outside of the triennial election cycle, national executive has the following shorter-term length seats open for nomination (members will need to login to access the nomination forms): 

The nomination period for all seats will run until 12 February 2024, and all nomination forms must be returned to Adam Ives at adam.ives@naht.org.uk. Nominations should come from an NAHT branch and must be decided by a vote at the branch level to nominate the nominee.

Successfully elected candidates will be invited to attend their first national executive meeting on 7 and 8 March 2024 in Brighton, following an induction session in late February.

Regional representatives

North East

  • Angi Gibson
  • Dame Nicola Stephenson

North West

  • Amanda Hulme
  • Simon Kidwell (president)
  • Nicola Kearney
  • Keith Wright


  • Vacancy
  • Maxine Stafford
  • David Pattison

West Midlands

  • Emily Proffitt
  • Michelle Sheehy
  • Amy Lassman

East Midlands

  • Joanne Sanchez-Thompson
  • Nazma Jassat


  • Alan Garnett
  • Dawn Copping
  • Steve Mills

South West

  • Paul Gosling (immediate past president)
  • Lorna Legg

South East

  • Hilary Goldsmith
  • Vacancy

South Central

  • Vacancy
  • Julie Kelly

Greater London

  • Patrick Foley
  • Dave Woods
  • James Lacey
  • Diana Ohene-Darko


  • Dean Taylor
  • Huw Jones

Northern Ireland

  • Clare Majury
  • Jonny Gray 


  • Judith Stott (national treasurer)

Sector representatives

Early Years

  • Judy Shaw


  • Graham Frost
  • Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson


  • Jackie Bartley
  • Stuart Beck


  • Marijke Miles
  • Vacancy

Deputy and assistant head

  • Vacancy
  • James Hawkins

School business leaders

  • Rachel Younger (vice president)

Middle leaders (Edge)

  • Selena Bartlett 

Life members

  • John Killeen