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School buildings and estates

The issue

NAHT is pressing for an ambitious and long-term school estate strategy to ensure that every pupil is taught in a school that is safe and structurally sound, accessible, and fit for purpose.  This autumn’s “crumbly concrete” (RAAC) crisis shows clearly the appalling state of disrepair that too many of our school buildings have been reduced to.  Ambitious sustainability and climate change goals should be integrated within capital programmes to deliver investment in school buildings that will play a significant part in our journey towards net zero. 

What we want to see

Our campaign seeks to: 

  • reverse the long-term cuts to capital funding for maintenance, refurbishment and rebuilding to bring the school estate back up to at least a minimum ‘acceptable’ level 
  • ensure that capital funding increases, in real terms, year on year 
  • ensure that dangerous RAAC and similar materials are removed from every single school site in a safe and timely manner with as little disruption to learning as is possible; and that schools which need appropriate temporary accommodation and other financial help and support are provided with it as soon as possible by government. 
  • take this opportunity to remove at the same time lethal asbestos which is shockingly still present in over four-fifths of school sites, starting with the most dangerous first.


Get involved

You can help to make a difference in your local area by making your voice heard within your local authority and with your local MP. 

Below, we have provided resources to help you get involved in the campaign. Get together with other members from your branch or region to take action.

Write a letter to your MP by downloading our guide and template

Hold a roundtable discussion with your MP using our guide and template

Use our slide deck to tell colleagues and peers about NAHT's campaigns