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Neurodiversity – ‘A Spectrum of Traits’

Neurodiversity - 'A Spectrum of Traits' - The overlapt between dyslexia, ADHD, dyspraxia and autism with Dr Tony Lloyd and Colin Foley of the ADHD Foundation

This session will enable educationalists to understand & better identify learners of concern with dyslexia, ADHD, autism spectrum and ADHD.
Explaining the various presentations, strengths, challenges and overlap of characteristics, and how gender differences further disadvantage girls.
The use of screening tools, practical teaching strategies and assistive technology to support learning, cognitive functioning, and academic attainment for neurodiverse learners.

  • To increase awareness of co-occurrence in Neurodiverse conditions.
  • To broaden understanding of the key, overarching strategies to support neurodiverse learners in classrooms.
  • To develop understanding and explore strategies to raise attainment of neurodiverse learners.
  • To increase teacher confidence in identifying difficulties and supporting learners who are neurodiverse.

Introduction to Neurodiversity
Identifying the key characteristics of neurodiverse conditions.
Introduction to the key, overarching strategies to support in classrooms. 

Speaker Profiles
Dr Tony Lloyd is a pioneering advocate for a neurodiverse paradigm in health and education services. Dr Lloyd has published several national reports on the subject of NHS services for ADHD & Mental Health.

Colin Foley has over 25 years teaching experience and senior leadership in secondary education and is the leading trainer on ADHD in education in the UK.