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NAHT Wellness and Protect


Staff absence protection with complimentary whole school well-being and leadership support

What is NAHT Wellness and Protect?

NAHT Wellness and Protect is staff absence protection with complimentary whole school well-being and leadership support and is exclusive to NAHT members.

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What are the exclusive benefits of NAHT Wellness and Protect for NAHT members? 

NAHT Wellness and Protect includes a vast range of exclusive absence protection and well-being support, exclusive to NAHT members. These additional benefits include:

  • access to paid well-being days
  • 20% increase on the daily benefit for NAHT member absences
  • expenses paid for NAHT member’s travel and absence when attending NAHT events.

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NAHT Wellness and Protect well-being only package

For schools, academies, and MATs that do not feel they need staff absence protection, or for NAHT Wellness and Protect customers that wish to support staff they have opted not to cover on their policy, Well-being Only cover is an ideal solution.

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NAHT Wellness and Protect statistics

The well-being support included with NAHT Wellness and Protect is an ever-evolving range of mental and physical health support services, designed to have the greatest impact on staff and pupil well-being.

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How do you request a policy quotation for your school?

You can request further infomation and request a call back here

Email: nahtwellnessandprotect@naht.org.uk

Telephone: 0300 3030 892 (open 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday)

We will respond to your enquiry within 48 hours.



NAHT Wellness and Protect terms and conditions

  • All insurance services are managed and administrated by Sovereign Risk Management. FCA: 309701 

  • Whole school well-being support is subject to terms, conditions and must meet eligibility requirements

  • Any future or ongoing absences must be declared at the time of quotation. Additionally, any change to material fact from accepting terms to policy inception must also be declared. If you do not make a fair presentation of the risk, your claim may not be valid

  • To see full terms & conditions, please email your request to nahtwellnessandprotect@naht.org.uk.