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Workshop - The Integration Jigsaw: Education and Health

with Emma Smith, ESC Management Services

Within the integration jigsaw, the distinction between the ‘health’ and ‘education’ pieces have become blurred. Schools have become increasingly responsible for ‘health’ provision with the accompanying increases in workload, resource allocation, clinical responsibility, risk and liability.

This session will provide a unique insight into a fundamental flaw in the current service delivery model for ‘health’ provision in schools. It will highlight the ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ disparities exist between legislation and the delivery model. This will bring a clarity to the issues faced by those navigating the system. It is likely that delegates will experience a real ‘aha moment’!

The insight will provide a new perspective on the SEND Green Paper. It will demonstrate why a legally compliant service model is the foundational imperative for any proposals to clarify roles and responsibilities, strengthen accountability and set national standards.

Additionally, the session will provide delegates with practical tips to improve arrangements for ‘health’ provision in their own schools, focussing on medical conditions policies and delegation governance.


By the end of the session, you will have gained a unique insight into a flaw in the current approach to health provision in schools. You will understand why this is a root cause of the key issues surrounding health provision in the school setting.

More importantly, you will understand why a legally compliant service model is the only way forward to secure the quality NHS health provision that children and young people are entitled to and resolve the well-documented, pervasive issues in the system.

Knowledge is power and armed with this knowledge, you will be able to set about practical steps to address the issues and challenges in your school and in your local area.

Facilitator Profile:

Emma Smith is an independent consultant and her specialism is the delivery of health services in the school setting. She currently advises schools/MATs, special school networks and national organisations. Prior to her work in education, Emma worked in the health sector for over 20 years and held roles in NHS commissioning and provider organisations. She has led national and regional projects in both the health and education sectors and her work has featured in national publications. She holds Masters degrees in the Legal Aspects of Medical Practice and Psychology.