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NAHT Wellness and Protect

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What is NAHT Wellness and Protect?

NAHT Wellness and Protect is a whole school well-being, leadership support and staff absence protection package exclusive to NAHT members. The service is designed to:

  • Offer your staff a range of comprehensive well-being support, available confidentially when they need it most, irrespective of whether they are absent from work
  • Protect the school financially when absences occur
  • Support and develop pupils' well-being
  • Give school leaders a range of services to help build a robust whole school well-being culture. 

What is included?

  • School budget protection for staff absences
          o Sickness and accident cover
          o Covid-related cover for staff with symptoms irrespective of the test result
          o Stress-related absence cover with no performance related restrictions
          o Up to 60 days to report new absences
          o Valid claims paid within 30 days of receiving documentation
          o Financial security of an AA+ rated underwriter
  • Extend your cover with optional extras
          o Optional cover for maternity, paternity, and adoption absences
          o Optional cover for any pre-existing conditions or pre-planned operations
          o Optional cover for any ongoing absences
  • Whole school well-being support
          o Proactive physical and mental health support for the whole school
          o Confidential nurse and 24-hour GP telephone support
          o Counselling, mindfulness, menopause, chronic Illness, and physiotherapy
          o Weight management support including fitness and nutrition
          o Range of pupil well-being services

What are the exclusive benefits for NAHT Members?

  • Leadership support package
  • Absence cover for staff with positive or negative covid tests
  • Paid well-being day for all staff
  • Access to a range of self-auditing tools to identify the root cause of staff concerns to target well-being approach
  • Expense your travel when attending NAHT events

Can you receive a well-being only package?

Yes. If your school doesn’t need a staff absence protection policy, but you are still interested in the comprehensive well-being support available with NAHT Wellness and Protect, please select this when requesting your quotation below.

Statistics from our well-being provider:

  • Over 60% of staff who accessed our health and well-being services were not absent from work at all in 2019
  • Last year, our nursing team supported over 16,300 school staff across the UK
  • 74.5% of all people accessing our physiotherapy support would have been likely to experience absence without intervention.
  • 61.1% of people who complete our 12-week Slimming World referral achieve a 5% weight loss
  • Over £2,600 of pupil well-being services available in our policies

How do you request a policy quotation?

Fill out a quotation request form here or email/telephone us using the details below:


Telephone: 0300 3030 892

We will respond to your enquiry within 48 hours.



NAHT Wellness and Protect terms and conditions

  • oAll Insurance Services are managed and administrated by Sovereign Risk Management. FCA: 309701
  • Registered in England and Wales Company Number: 03475198oWhole school wellbeing support is subject to terms, conditions and must meet eligibility requirements.
  • oAny future or ongoing absences must be declared at the time of quotation. Additionally, any change to material fact from accepting terms to policy inception must also be declared. If you do not make a fair presentation of the risk, your claim may not be valid
  • oFor full terms & conditions, please contact a member of the NAHT Wellness and Protect team