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NAHT Wellness and Protect

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Return to school with confidence with NAHT Wellness and Protect

Unlock this benefit now. Available until 31 October 2020.

NAHT is giving all schools that register free access to the mental health services available within NAHT Wellness and Protect. It is ready for you to use from now until 31 October 2020. 

You've been looking after everyone else, so we're here to support and help you return to school with confidence this autumn. You'll have access to a range of mental health services and support: 

  • Full counselling services
  • Mental health lead pastoral support and coaching
  • Mindfulness consultations for individuals or groups
  • A whole school well-being consultation service, which gives you a strategic well-being plan to implement. 

The Department for Education has announced a new £95,000 pilot project in partnership with the Education Support Partnership, which will focus on teachers and leaders' mental health. NAHT has welcomed this as a step in the right direction, but clearly, there is much more to do when it comes to supporting the well-being of all staff in schools fully. This remains an important priority for NAHT.

How to access your mental health well-being services:

Click here to receive your free access to NAHT Wellness and Protect's mental health services, or call 0300 3030 892 to speak with a friendly advisor.

Please note, there is no obligation to sign up to NAHT Wellness and Protect at any time. We just want to ensure you and your staff can get the much-needed mental health support during this difficult time.

What is NAHT Wellness and Protect?

NAHT Wellness and Protect is NAHT's solution to staff absence and whole school well-being support. 

It aims to support your school financially when absences do occur, while also helping you and your staff to prevent and reduce further absences with whole school physical and mental health support, which is part of all our policies. We offer flexible policy options that include covering ongoing absences, existing conditions and maternity costs for schools. We also cover any absences relating to covid-19.

Let us know what you need, and we will build a policy that is right for you. 

Additional benefits exclusively available for NAHT members:
  • Paid well-being days for insured staff
  • Extra claim benefit payments for an NAHT member's absence
  • Payments for a member's travel expenses and supply costs when attending any NAHT event
  • Well-being part of our policies as standard 
  • Support services for insured staff and pupils
  • Support for uninsured staff
  • NEW! Leadership support package. 


To ensure there is support for all school staff who have been working tirelessly during this challenging time, NAHT whole school well-being services have been made available to all staff at schools insured with NAHT Wellness and Protect, not just those named on the policies. 

Mental health well-being support available now until 31 October 2020.

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