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New Heads' Conference 2022

New Heads' Virtual Conference:  Leading into the Future - Finding the Balance

Thursday 19 May 2022


Event overview

Humans first, school leaders second, we need to be able to demonstrate remarkable resilience as we continue to live through and witness an extraordinary period of history. Resilience is the ability to resist being affected, or to recover readily from setback and adversity, and the past two years have been a period of enormous turbulence and upheaval. Nobody has been left untouched by the impact of the global pandemic, and great change has been forced upon us all.

As a profession, it seems as though we have reached a stage of almost complete overwhelm. There is something so breathless about the pace of life in schools – a pace, to a certain extent driven by the need to continuously improve within a context in which it is clear that, as school leaders, we need to do more with less.

However, as with any period of great change, there is a window of opportunity that follows, where new school leaders have the chance to enact and bring about change for the better. The pandemic has also allowed many of us the space to rethink our relationship not only with ourselves and those immediately around us, but also with the wider world. This is a crisis both global and local, both shared and individual.

That time to rethink and reimagine is now, as we aim to regroup and rebuild. We need to build back, but do so in a way that is better, stronger and fairer. Forged by adversity, we have the opportunity to follow divergent paths towards a future that we can all help to create.

The theme for the day is ‘Leading into the Future- Finding The Balance’ and is about setting and navigating a different course, to create new pathways through the disruption. School leaders on this journey are defined by their determination, their hope and their unshakable belief that whatever happens, whatever the cost, whatever the scale of the challenge, they will continue to do everything possible to safeguard the learning of all children and young people and prepare them for life beyond school.

This conference will support you to lead effectively and bring about sustained, transformational change by considering how to overcome the barriers to leading a successful school and how to develop leadership at every level.

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Conference Chair


Andrew Hammond
Experienced school leader and Education Adviser | Pathway Lead Editor


Keynote speakers



Lucy Crehan Andrew Hammond Mel Stanley Marcus Shepherd
Education explorer and international education consultant Experienced school leader and Education Adviser | Pathway Lead Editor Personal Brand and Career Development Coach for aspiring leaders DiverseEd, Principal of Nottingham Academy



Session One:  11.30 - 12.25


Demystifying Ofsted

Philippa Ollerhead


A Heads Up for School Leaders

Guy Dudley, NAHT Advice Curator/Pathway Author & Liam McIlvenny, NAHT


Leadership for Sustainability

Alex Green, Let's Go Zero

Sesson Two:  13.05 - 14.00


Recruit Right

Philippa Ollerhead

Thriving not just surviving

Sharon Hennam-Dale

Optimising Time Management

Nicola Mooney




0845 - 0900 Join and explore virtual event
0900 -0915 Conference opened by Andrew Hammond
0915 - 0920 NAHT Partner - Lyfta:  Nurturing empathy, curiosity and hope with real human stories with Serdar Ferit, co-founder of Lyfta
0920 - 1010 Keynote - Lucy Crehan
1010 - 1040 Keynote - Andrew Hammond
1040 - 1110 Keynote - Mel Stanley
1110 - 1130 Break and visit virtual exhibition
1130 - 1225 Workshop Session One
1225 - 1305

Lunch and visit virtual exhibition

1305 - 1400 Workshop Session Two
1315 - 1355 Lunch
1400 - 1420

Break and visit virtual exhibition

1420 - 1500 Keynote - Marcus Shepherd
1500 - 1530 NAHT Discovery Education
1530 - 1540 Conference summary and close with Andrew Hammond


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Who Should attend

School leaders- Head Teachers, Deputy Head Teachers, Assistant Head Teachers and SLT including SBMs - all phases.

NAHT Wellness and Protect

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