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Principals demand MPs take action in the absence of a functioning Assembly

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Ahead of a public meeting in Holy Family Primary School on Wednesday 7th November at 4pm to address the funding crisis in schools, Geri Cameron, NAHT(NI) President and Principal of Loughshore Educational Centre said;

“This is an important and timely meeting.  In the absence of a functioning Stormont Assembly, the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee is currently undertaking a parliamentary Inquiry in to Education Funding in Northern Ireland, our hope is that this meeting will inform that inquiry.” 

“Our schools are facing an unprecedented funding crisis.  As a recent NI Audit Office report found, funding for education has decreased by 10% over a 5 year period in Northern Ireland yet the school population has risen by 2.5%.” [1 ]

“It was highlighted last week that schools are having to ask many parents to cover the cost of the most basic essentials. Per head, children in neighbouring jurisdictions receive significantly more funding.” [2]  

Our children are not worth less. Without a functioning Stormont, we are demanding that MPs use this inquiry to instigate a programme of reform that will see our education system receive increased funding to meet pupil need, as well as ensuring that more funding reaches our classrooms directly.”

“Tomorrow’s meeting is an important opportunity for local school principals, school staff, parents and governors to emphasise the impact of funding cuts on education and what this means for children.” 



  2. direct investment in schooling in Northern Ireland lags significantly behind other systems; spending on pre-school, primary and secondary education per pupil is 46% higher in Scotland, 18% higher in England and 31% higher in Wales.  See NI Children's Commissioner (2017) The cost of Education , Available at:


First published 14 February 2019