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NAHT Northern Ireland represents principals and vice-principals in around two-thirds of 1,150 schools in Northern Ireland. NAHT Northern Ireland provide advice, training and support for its members on a range of issues faced by senior leaders in schools. Along with our colleagues in England and Wales, we are there to defend and extend the rights of school leaders.  

NAHT NI is democratic and member-led, and supported by its Belfast-based team of staff alongside their colleagues based in both Wales and England.

NAHT Northern Ireland
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Northern Ireland school leaders' relief about Engage funding points to a serious problem

Liam McGuckin, President of school leaders' union NAHT (NI), said "Our members are glad that funding has been released to continue the Engage initiative until the end of the calendar year. These funds have been used in various creative ways to benefit children and young people across our schools and the extension of the project will be helpful.

"The fact that school leaders are so desperate to access such relatively small pockets of money points to a much bigger problem. School funds have been decimated in recent years, to the point that well over half of our schools are function from deficit positions. This situation continues to spiral even though schools have cut their spending to the extent that after staffing costs have been accounted for, only 4% of a school's spend is allocated to the running of the school. After utility bills are covered, what is left for children? 

"NAHT members are pleased with the continuation of the Engage project, but we mustn't forget that the amounts of money that are being allocated are little in comparison to what our children need."

First published 07 July 2022

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NAHT(NI) AGM and industrial action meeting

Our 2023 AGM and industrial action meeting takes place on Thursday 5 October 2023 – find out more





Recent consultations and other documents

NITC joint letter to management side

The five teacher unions in Northern Ireland, including NAHT(NI), wrote to the employers seeking additional payment to school leaders and teaching staff who worked significant additional hours during summer 2021 in order to ensure this work was recognised.


Consultation on deferring school starting age: NAHT(NI) draft response

We are concerned at the advancement of this proposal as the evidential basis for this consultation is highly limited. We contend that the current proposal should be retracted. The proposal fails to reflect the experience of pupils, school leaders, parents and the whole school community. Given the significance of this potential policy change, it is essential that the perspectives of all stakeholders are considered. We know that members are operating in a business-critical environment and will have limited or no time to engage with consultation exercises, however, we encourage members to consider responding to this important consultation and copy our response to complete your individual response.


Previous consultation responses and statements

First published 08 April 2020