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NAHT(NI) Coronavirus - Additional update PM Broadcast 23 March 2020

Following our latest update earlier this evening, the Prime Minister has addressed the nation.

New restrictions are being put in place on people’s movements - essentially a clear ‘Stay at Home’ message.

No mention was made on what this means for schools.  NAHT(NI) has already been in contact with DE officials tonight as a consequence of this broadcast.   We have been told that schools are to carry on as planned for tomorrow but that this may change.

We will issue an update to members when we have received a response and would ask for your understanding while we try to get more clarity for you. We will be unable to reply to individual emails / questions around this issue so please bear with us until we provide the update.

Today's earlier advice remains live and relevant until then.

Please remember that health and safety is the prime driver in your decision making.

First published 23 March 2020