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NAHT(NI) Coronavirus - Update 24 March 2020

Please remember that health and safety is the prime driver in your decision making. Should your school need to close, there will be no repercussions on school leaders.

We are aware that many schools have already taken the decision to close.

As of this morning, we have little to report following the Prime Minister’s announcement last night, but we are in constant contact with DENI and are making them aware that schools have no choice but to close for reasons of health and safety.

DENI are relying on schools to participate with their survey today to ascertain the level of need in the days ahead.

If you are approached to provide care for children from another school, please ensure the same criteria you have set for key worker parents of your own school has been met.

Members should be aware that schools with available staff that are closed for now due to no requests for care, may be asked to re-open at a later date.  Please ensure the rooms and facilities to be used for the provision for care are ready for use.

When we have further information we will update members as soon as possible

First published 24 March 2020