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Northern Ireland - industrial action update

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It's Time For Action! #time4action 

NAHT(NI)’s action short of strike voted for by the majority of members has begun! It is of vital importance that all principals, vice-principals and assistant principals make a commitment today to observe the directions of NAHT(NI)’s action short of strike. Please spread the news with your colleagues and support each other! 

All principal, vice-principal and assistant principal NAHT(NI) members are asked to take the following action from 21 October 2019: 
  1. Not to engage with or enact any process associated with redundancy procedures within schools which are a direct consequence of budgetary constraints
  2. Not to attend training events convened by employer authorities*, save for legitimate safeguarding training
  3. Not to attend meetings convened by employer authorities*, including the NI Principals’ Forum in its present format, save for legitimate meetings relating to safeguarding
  4. Not to attend Area Learning Community Meetings
  5. Not to facilitate school visits by School Development Services (SDS) save for legitimate safeguarding issues or if the school is in Formal Intervention
  6. Not to respond to, or facilitate, consultations initiated by employer authorities unless asked to do so by NAHT
  7. Not to provide a School Development Plan and targets or updates related to a School Development Plan to employer authorities or the Education and Training Inspectorate (ETI), save for those working in schools in Formal Intervention
  8. Not to provide information or data to the employer authorities which school leaders believe to be a duplication of information already held by the aforementioned authorities or which is not core to the provision of teaching and learning in their schools
  9. Not to receive telephone calls, or respond to emails, from employer authorities before 9am and after 3pm save for legitimate matters of safeguarding
  10. Not to engage with the Education and Training Inspectorate (ETI) other than for legitimate matters of safeguarding
  11. Members at the top of their pay scale not to cooperate with or undertake any work related to their own Performance Review and Staff Development (PRSD) process
  12. Not to work to new initiatives implemented by employer authorities from 21 October ongoing other than legitimate safeguarding and Special Educational Needs initiatives that have been workload assessed and agreed in consultation with NAHT.  

* For a current list of events we are asking members not to attend, please use this link. 

Members can download a guidance document with more details on the action here. Alternatively, you can download these useful documents: FAQsexplanatory notes and useful text

Governors can find out more here.

Members of the public can find out more here.

Members are strongly advised not to use school resources (for example, email systems or printing) to promote or advertise this action. 

‘Employer Authorities’ include EA, CCMS, NICIE, CnaG, GBA and the Department of Education.

An update from NAHT (NI) president Geri Cameron

On behalf of NAHT(NI) president Geri Cameron, we wish to thank all NAHT(NI) members for supporting action short of strike - a short video message from Geri can be viewed here

First published 13 December 2019