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NAHT Rwanda project in partnership with the British Council

The 2013-14 national president, Bernadette Hunter, led the development of an international project in partnership between the British Council and NAHT.


The ministry of education in Rwanda had recently formed a leadership unit and required assistance in drafting a set of standards for school leaders.

Funding from NAHT would assist in the vital work of developing standards following a symposium on school leadership standards which will take place between Rwandan government officials and the British Council.

It is the aim of the Rwanda education board that every school in Rwanda will have a high quality school leader in place by the end of 2015.

One of the key challenges in achieving this goal is identified is that the qualification needed to become a head teacher was at an advanced degree in education level and this meant experienced teachers without the qualification were precluded from promotion to the role alongside the practical factor that the current leadership duties are of a more administrative nature than leading on the management of teaching and learning - therefore, self evaluation could be a good starting point for further discussion.

It was agreed that any future national leadership standards should include creating strategy, learning, leading teaching and managing a school as an organisation - and working with parents and the wider community


In early 2014 the following key leadership activity was agreed and supported by both parties:

  • Three UK head teachers travelled to Kigali in central Africa for 4 days (2 days travel) in January 2014 and at a later date in May held workshops for 18 Rwanda head teachers

  • The content of the workshops has been cascaded to other head teachers – totalling 108 participants

  • The three UK head teachers will remain in communication with the 18 Rwanda head teachers both between the visits and afterwards

The focus for school leadership development is to be centred around the importance and centrality of a school leader in the improvement of the quality of teaching and learning and to identify the necessary tools and materials to support training programmes.

Find out more about the project on the British Council website.

An update on the project was featured in the January 2015 issue of Leadership Focus. Download the article below.