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Student leaders international network of schools

This is a network of schools with educators committed to: 

  • the development of young people as future community leaders;
  • improving student awareness of leadership knowledge, understanding and skills; and
  • student personal development.

Download the monthly enewsletter Leaders in school from the Leaders in School website.

Benefits of joing the network

You can download the ezine and other resources individually by visiting  the website shop. However by joining the network all resources are emailed directly to your school. No need to download.

  1. Each issue (3) of the Student Leaders International ezine is emailed to your school.
  2. Each issue (3) of the teacher module is emailed to your school.
  3. EXTRA ALL e-posters for each issue of the 2014 ezines are also sent to your school for FREE.
  4. EXTRA they will be providing to schools within the network, a series of lesson plans that can be used to support a school's student development and/or student leadership program. These are based on selected YouTube videos appropriate for the school setting.
  5. EXTRA we will also send you a copy of all Issue 1, 2012 e-posters.

When educators from different systems, reflecting different cultures develop students with a global appreciation, awareness and understanding of leadership now; they are preparing better leaders across the world for tomorrow.

Financial education in schools

You can also access the OECD' s 2014 report Financial education in schools, which has been embraced for Australian schools and further developed by thought the 'wealth academy' initiative.

Visit www.financial-education.org for the international financial gateway from the OECD. Here you will find guidelines, resources, OECD material and more details of the PISA financial literacy framework, alongside individual national reports into financial literacy.