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Primary Conference 2022


Join us this November, for either one day or two.

Thursday 10 November 2022

Manufacturing Technology Centre, Coventry

Special ticket price for both conferences


Early Bird fee for ONE conference until 27 September is £129, standard fee from 28 September is £149. 

Early Bird ticket for BOTH Early Years and Primary conferences until 27 September is £179, standard fee from 28 September is £199.


Early Bird fee for ONE conference until 27 September is £179, standard fee from 28 September is £199.  

Early Bird ticket for BOTH Early Years and Primary conferences until 27 September is £279, standard fee from 28 September is £299.


The theme of our Primary Conference on 10 November is Leading with your head and your heart – the ultimate balancing act.

The conference will explore the wider leadership challenges in developing our school communities. There are plenty of external forces that can throw obstacles in your path. But more often, it’s our own thoughts, feelings and ways of reacting to situations that can create some of the biggest hurdles in leadership.  The programme seeks to empower leaders to not only navigate current turbulence but overcome the challenges ahead and lead with integrity, purpose, conviction, values and trust.

We explore the relationship between leading with the head and the heart as we contemplate the power of compassionate leadership. As with any period of great change, there is an opportunity that follows in which school leaders have the chance to bring about change for the better. If change is the only constant in life, then let’s do it better!

‘Head leaders’ are great at creating a strategy, systems and plans, setting goals, following a budget and holding their team accountable to the plan’s actions and processes.  Leading with your head is about competence, skills, and knowledge. Teams who need structure and who struggle with managing their time, work best under this kind of leadership.

‘Heart leaders’ are great at making people feel special, giving them a sense of purpose and making them feel appreciated for the work they do. They focus strongly on relationships and make team members feel that they are a part of the success of a school community. Heart leaders care about the teams´ happiness and about their ambitions and welfare. 

How do you strike the balance between the two? There’s no need to choose one leadership style over the other, but rather combine and adopt the best parts of both.

Your relationships with your colleagues cannot be overestimated. Stay true to these people and you’ll be well supported. When you make decisions, share your rationale and bring others alongside you on the journey. For the few that may not be convinced, understand their position and listen to what they have to say. The most trusted leaders are very intentional in developing those practices which lead to high levels of trust.

The programme promises to be an inspiring and thought-provoking one. Join us at the MTC, Coventry to hear our keynote speaker, Sharon Warmington, a straight talking, no nonsense global executive coach, inspire us with her high energy and strong focus on leadership for change.

Come along and meet Nicola Percy, founder of Making School Click. Nicola’s workshop will draw upon her own leadership journey which certainly took a unique path and included her appointment as Founding Principal of England’s first Free School. Nicola will share honest, realistic and sound ideas to support you in shaping your school team and getting the best from everyone who contributes to your vision.


This year’s conferences will be held at the MTC, Manufacturing Technology Centre in Coventry. This is easy to get to, directions can be found here.  Those of you that are local to Coventry will know the campus well – this is a light, bright innovative space, creating a significant, positive impact on society whilst bridging the gap between academia and industry.  You can take a virtual tour here.

Conference Chair


Photo coming soon.

Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson

Chair Primary Sector Council


Keynote speakers

Photo coming soon.

Photo coming soon.

Sharon Warmington

CEO of National Black Governors Network (NBGN)

Speaker to be confirmed

Ginny Bootman

SENCO, Northamptonshire

Andrew Hammond

NAHT Discovery Education Pathway



Session One 11:10 - 12:10
Roy Leighton, Cambridge Peace and Education Research group

Lisa Read, Real Clear Coaching

Emma Sheppard, Maternity Teacher Paternity Teacher Project

Session Two 13:00 - 14:00
Roy Leighton, Cambridge Peace and Education Research group

Nicola Percy, Making Schools Click

Lucy Emmerson, Sex Education Forum

Programme (subject to change)

0815 - 0845  Registration

0845 - 0900  Sponsor Presentation

0900 - 0915  Conference Welcome from Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson, Chair Primary Sector Council

0915 - 1000  Keynote - Sharon Warmington

1000 - 1045  Keynote Speaker to be confirmed

1045 - 1110  Break, networking and exhibition viewing

1110 - 1210  Workshop session one

1210 - 1300  Lunch, networking and exhibition viewing

1300 - 1400  Workshop session two

1400 - 1420  Break, networking and exhibition viewing

1420 - 1430  Presentation by Serdar Ferit, CEO & Co-Founder of Lyfta

1430 - 1440  Session to be confirmed

1450 - 1520  Keynote - Ginny Bootman

1520 - 1550  Keynote - Andrew Hammond

1550 - 1600  Conference summary with Sarah Hewitt Clarkson, Chair Early Years Sector Council

1600  Conference Close

NAHT Wellness and Protect

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