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Planning for Your Future: Options for your retirement, pension, well-being and employment


Time: 9:30am - 12:00pm

This course is being delivered online but there will be NO recording.

Member - £99
Non-Member - £149

Facilitators - Liam McIlvenny and Yin-Wai Wong, NAHT Specialist Advisers

Speaker - Faisal Choudhary Dip PFS - Specialist Financial Adviser, Wesleyan

This session sets the context of well-being as this will inevitably influence your future choices. If you remain well, you can make choices about your future from a position of strength.  The course will provide a few practical tips to facilitate your well-being.

This course will then provide you with tools to plan your future, to put you in control of the next phase of your life. To plan your future, you need to understand the options available to you, and these can be more extensive than you think. Explore these options which can range from retiring and taking your pension as soon as possible, to changing your current working arrangements for more free time, and many other options in-between.

This session will also address the financial aspects of planning your future; clearly your financial position will impact on what choices you can make, and when you can make them - the way your pension works and how much this is worth, will be a key component of this.


Head, deputy and assistant head teachers, members of leadership team currently employed in all types of education establishments over the age of 45.  This is not suitable for SBLs.


  • To provide a holistic view of your well-being in relation to future choices
  • To provoke thinking about future choices to give you control
  • Provide an overview of the financial foundations for retirement, in particular your pension benefits


  • Understand the range of options available to you
  • Understand your Teachers’ Pension Scheme pension entitlement and other important financial foundations

Pre-course preparation

Please log onto “My Pension Online” on the Teachers’ Pensions’ website or register for this if you haven’t already done so, before you attend this course. This is a secure portal that lets you check and manage your Teachers’ pension online. 

Once you have done this you can access a personalised estimate of your retirement benefits, based on the service and salary details sent to Teachers’ Pensions by your employer. Please either save this as a PDF or print this personalised statement and have it to hand for the course, this will allow you to discuss any questions you may have.   

You can log in or register for “My Pension Online” here.


Liam McIlvenny

Liam is a Specialist Adviser at the NAHT.  He has an MSc in public sector management and is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Liam is professionally qualified in mediation, coaching project management and management consultancy. His work experience spans HR and management roles in local government  and the DfE. He has served as Chair of Governors in both primary and secondary school settings.

Yin-Wai Wong

Yin-Wai is a Specialist Adviser at the NAHT. He is also a solicitor and, apart from advising on pensions and employment law matters, has over the years represented members in employment tribunal claims as well as disciplinary and regulatory proceedings. He has also worked as a part-time university lecturer and legal advice clinic supervisor.


Faisal Choudhary Dip PFS - Specialist Financial Adviser, Wesleyan

Faisal has 20 years' experience in the financial services industry, 11 of those years working for Wesleyan as a Specialist Financial Adviser. He specialises in offering holistic financial advice to professionals within the education sector and addressing their individual financial needs. He has proven expertise in all aspects of financial planning, including the Teacher's Pension and Local Government Pension schemes, protection, mortgages and savings and investments.

Wesleyan Financial Services - specialist financial advice for NAHT Members

We are proud to have partnered with Wesleyan Financial Services to offer specialist financial advice to our members and their families. Whether it’s looking to make your money work harder through savings and investments, planning for a comfortable retirement, looking to remortgage or purchase a new home, or looking to ensure your loved ones are provided for and protected should the worst happen, the team at Wesleyan are there to help. Their specialist financial advisers work specifically with education professionals and so understand the unique challenges faced by NAHT members. Find out more here: Wesleyan Financial Services (naht.org.uk)