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It's make or break time for schools

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School funding is still in crisis in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. School budgets are being stretched up and down the UK, with a complex set of circumstances affecting each of the nations. For more information about the situation in Wales and Northern Ireland specifically, click on one of the links below, or read on for more information about how we are taking this campaign to those in power.  

Read more about our Northern Ireland school funding campaign 

Read more about our Wales school funding campaign  

NGA's Funding the future campaign - a week of action for governors & trustees in 2019

Funding the Future week of action: 25th Feb – 2nd March 2019, which will include a parliamentary lobby on Thursday 28th Feb.

The full details are here: fundthefuture.  NGA are encouraging governing boards experiencing difficulties balancing their budgets to tell their stories to their MPs. They have also developed nine asks for the Comprehensive Spending Review, but different schools may well have different priorities. 

What’s NAHT campaigning for?

For the Chancellor to provide more funding for schools to reverse the real terms cuts since 2015. 

The new national funding formula does not provide sufficient minimum funding for smaller schools and must be reviewed to ensure their long-term sustainability.

To secure a full review of current and future demand for high needs funding to support pupils with SEND. Government should provide an immediate increase in high needs funding to match current demand.

There must be proper recognition of the full cost of educating pupils with SEND, and we must move away from the concept of a ‘notional SEND’ budget that penalises those schools that are most inclusive.

To secure more funding for health and social care services to promptly meet the needs of children and young people with SEND or mental health issues allowing them to thrive in schools.


For new capital funding to develop more provision in areas where there are shortages of specialist school places for pupils with SEND.

To secure a long-term commitment to additional funding for maintained nursery school provision beyond the April 2020 cliff edge.

For the DfE to develop a national funding formula for maintained nursery schools that recognises them as schools, secures their long-term sustainability and provides greater consistency of funding nationally. 

The early years pupil premium should be paid at the same level as for primary pupils to help close the attainment gap in early years education. 

Join our campaign to secure more funding

We are asking school communities to work together to highlight the impact the lack of funding is having now and to call for increased investment. 

  • Stay up-to-date with the latest information on the campaign using the hashtag #FundSchoolsNow and follow us on Facebook and Twitter via @NAHTnews. 
  • Attend a regional school funding event