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Covid-19 and schools - campaign toolkit

Download our campaign toolkit below. You'll find specific resources along the right hand side of this page.

Throughout the covid-19 pandemic, NAHT has represented the views of our members to the government. NAHT is calling on the government to address our priorities for a fair and safe recovery for young people and their schools.

Education now needs to be about recovery, and we need to see improvements in these five key areas: 

  • Funding (covid-related and long-term) 
  • Health and well-being (including covid safety and mental health) 
  • Curriculum and assessment 
  • Accountability and inspection 
  • Recruitment and retention

Our campaigning for these priorities will be critical. 

We have created a toolkit to use in order to support this campaign and to focus on our seven immediate priorities for a safe and fair recovery for young people and their schools. You can visit our public campaign page here.

#TurnThePage – 1 May 10am online

Many NAHT members will already be aware of the work of parent groups such as Save our Schools, which played an important role in the recent school funding campaign.  A number of such groups are coming together on 1 May for a 30-minute national meeting to add their voice to the ‘educational recovery’ debate. 

This coalition of parental groups believes that trust in schools and teachers at an all-time high and wants to join with schools in calling for a focus on their children’s mental health and wellbeing as a basis for good learning, a forward-looking curriculum and assessment system that supports every child, and long-term investment to ensure underfunding of schools is not yet another unwanted legacy of covid. The group are asking that school leaders consider supporting this national parent effort by sharing details of the event.  

Under the hashtag #TurnThePage, the meeting features Michael Rosen, head teacher Sharifah Lee, plus a child and parent speaker. 

The parent organisers are asking attendees to make colourful banners and take selfies to post using the #TurnThePage slogan and would be hugely grateful for any support from school leaders in spreading the word.

Register for the event at: