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Covid-19 and schools - campaign toolkit

Download our campaign toolkit here. You'll find specific resources along the right hand side of this page.


Throughout the covid-19 pandemic, NAHT has represented the views of our members to the government. NAHT is calling on the government to address our priorities for a fair and safe recovery for young people and their schools.

Education now needs to be about recovery, and we need to see improvements in these five key areas: 

  • Funding (covid-related and long-term) 
  • Health and well-being (including covid safety and mental health) 
  • Curriculum and assessment 
  • Accountability and inspection 
  • Recruitment and retention

Our campaigning for these priorities will be critical. 

We have created a toolkit to use in order to support this campaign and to focus on our seven immediate priorities for a safe and fair recovery for young people and their schools. You can visit our public campaign page here.