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Menopause – The Workplace Challenge

Book for Online, 9 March 2022

Time:  9.30am - 12 noon

Member - £49
Non-Member - £79

Facilitators - Kathryn Colas and Angela Hobbs

A comprehensive assessment of the menopause conversation today and why such an important issue has taken so long to emerge from the blanket of taboo.  We will explore the myths, misconceptions, and misunderstandings of menopause, with evidence from our work with our own pilot study and research group.  What does this mean for the workplace and how can we build awareness, understanding and prevent the loss of talent?

We will explore the emerging data, where’s the evidence and what does it tell us in terms of what’s needed, how do we address menopause at work and how does this impact on the changing face of the workplace.

What can we all start doing differently from today, for our colleagues, families and friends to build an inclusive workplace culture?

96% of attendees would rate the course facilitator’s knowledge as excellent

83% of attendees said they could use the session’s information immediately



  • A professional understanding of menopause and impacts for managers and teams at all levels.
  • The current legal position and how to prepare for legislative changes
  • How to develop an effective workplace menopause policy, focusing on equality, diversity and inclusion.


School leaders- Heads, Deputies and SLT including SBMs. Primary and secondary suitable.


Kathryn Colas

Kathryn resigned from a senior executive role because of an unknown challenge that she was totally unprepared for. She was shocked by the debilitating symptoms of menopause, lack of awareness and taboo. As her strengths were inner resilience, perseverance and a bounce back approach, Kathryn pursued answers to questions, beginning with why is a natural transition not on any workplace agenda?  

Now a published author, a professional speaker and the founder of menopause training business, the Kathryn Colas Academy and SimplyHormones, menopause support and training is reaching a wider audience across the UK.

The Academy works with, among others: KPMG, Great London Authority, Schools Advisory Service and West Sussex Council.

Angela Hobbs

Angela completed her MSc in Sustainable Business at University of Bath in 2008 with a dissertation on Internal and External Barriers to Women.  When she revisited it several years later, she realised menopause didn’t even feature, simply because she was totally unaware of what it meant. Her subsequent research into the impacts on women’s careers and the gender health gap, led to a fantastic working relationship with  Kathryn Colas and the completion of  two Externally Accredited Menopause Workplace Training Programmes.

Today Angela supports women to start, grow and scale their businesses.

She is Resident Innovation Coach at Oxford University Innovation and serves on the Board at OBN and Chatsworth Schools Group.