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Let's change the way we think about school improvement

Improving Schools
A report of the School Improvement Commission


Through our Improvement Commission, NAHT has set out a positive vision for the future of education in this country. By rebalancing holding schools to account with helping them to improve we can unleash the potential within schools. 

In our latest report, we identify a vision for improving schools and produce a series of proposals for change. At the heart of this vision is the belief that schools are only as good as the people that are in them. We recognise that it is the role of the school leader to create the conditions in which teachers can thrive so that pupils can succeed.

Watch the video message below from the chair of the School Improvement Commission, Nick Brook on the impact the covid-19 crisis has had on schools and why we believe now is the time to consider new ways to improve standards.  


Our ambition
Improving schools report 3 small.png
Improving Schools - November 2020
School to school peer review report.PNG
The Principles of Effective School-to-School Peer Review - September 2019
Improving School Accountability.PNG
Improving School Accountability - September 2018