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End forced academisation

The issue:

  • NAHT believes that schools should have the right to choose the governance structure that works best for them.  High performance can be found across all different types of school, and there is no clear evidence to suggest that one type of school structure is inherently better than another.
  • We will continue to support schools and school leaders that have taken an active choice to become part of an academy trust, but we will also strongly oppose any efforts to force schools to become part of a trust when they do not wish to do so.
  • We believe that there is enormous power in school to school collaboration and we know that can take a variety of forms.
  • During 2022 we have seen increased attempts to force some schools to become an academy and / or to join specific Multi Academy Trusts against their will and, sometimes without following due legal process. NAHT has and will continue to oppose such attempts.
  • NAHT expect the that upcoming government White Paper will say more on the topic of academisation and will be looking carefully at the detail is contains on this topic.

What we want to see

  • Government and relevant diocese must continue to allow and support schools to choose the governance structure that is right for them.
  • Schools should be supported to collaborate and work with a ‘local family of schools’ in a way that works for them.
    The correct due legal process must be followed whenever a schools is considering becoming an academy or joining a Multi Academy Trust.




What we want you to do

  • Convene an MPs roundtable in your region (see our briefing document on how here)
  • Write to your MP 
  • Share the PowerPoints and other resources (see below) with your school leader networks and governing body
  • Let us know when you plan to run local campaign activity so that we can help you promote the event and support you
  • Promote your campaigning work across Twitter using the campaign hashtags (#) and including @NAHTnews
  • Get active in your NAHT branch
  • If your colleagues aren’t members of NAHT already, encourage them to join


Our conference motion:

"Schools have always been at the core of their community, providing hope, support and leadership to those they serve. This has been thrown into even starker relief throughout the pandemic when every school has adapted to the needs and idiosyncrasies of their locality. Governing bodies and school leaders have shown time and again that they are best placed to make decisions at a local level in the best interests of the pupils, families and communities they serve. It is therefore incomprehensible that any distant, centralised agency would seek to force a school to become an academy or attempt to mandate a change of structure against the wishes of the school community. Conference calls on National Executive to renew efforts to rigorously oppose any move by government to force academisation on any school."

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