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Building empathy, understanding and sustainable thinking

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Facilitator - Dr Harriet Marshall, Head of Educational Research at Lyfta

The recent publication by the DfE Sustainability and Climate Change: A draft strategy for the education and children’s services systems has outlined its aim to deliver excellence in education and skills for a changing world. It aims to prepare all young people for a world impacted by climate change through learning and practical experience. The question is, how can educators help students connect with complex issues as encapsulated in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and provide the necessary experiences in an already packed curriculum? This session explores what we know so far (and what we need to know more about) building empathy, connection understanding and sustainable thinking through digital immersive storytelling.

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All school leaders in all sectors.

Dr Harriet Marshall

Dr Harriet Marshall is Head of Educational Research at Lyfta and has been a global education advocate for over 20 years, as a teacher, researcher, consultant and education project leader. Prior to being at Lyfta, Harriet was a National Leader on the Global Learning Programme (Pearson) and Lecturer in International Education (University of Bath). Harriet has published and presented on the subject of Global Citizenship Education, the UN Sustainable Development Goalsboth nationally and internationally.