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Exploring the Implementation of The Reading Framework


Book for Online, 24 March 2022

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Facilitator - Megan Dixon

With the aim of exploring the Reading Framework (DFE 2021) this course will provide an opportunity to understand the research evidence based that underpins the successful development of early reading.  
This course will also draw on the EEF’s Guide- Putting Evidence to Work, introducing approaches and ways of supporting school leaders and classroom practitioners to develop their school’s approach to developing literacy.

This course will also aim to improve school leaders’ confidence in understanding the development of early reading and effective research-based practices.


School leaders- Heads, Deputies, SLT, Primary Leads, Leaders on Assessment and Data, Primary Teachers and Practicioners

Aims and objectives

•    To provide school leaders with the opportunity to explore the Reading Framework (DFE, 2021) and the research evidence base that underpins it.
•    To explore the questions school leaders should ask when considering the implications of the Reading Framework in their school contexts and across their communities.
•    To understand the Reading Framework in the light of the EEF’s Guide to Putting Evidence to Work, understanding the Explore, Prepare, Deliver, Sustain

•    To consider the implications of the Reading Framework (DFE, 2021) and the EEF’s Guide to Putting Evidence to Work.
•    Develop a deeper understanding of the research exploring the development of spoken language, reading, writing and leading the development of early literacy
•    Learn how to evaluate your current position in school with reference to the Reading Framework (2021)
•    Consider the process of implementation in school for successful school development.



Megan Dixon

Megan has a wealth of school leadership, school improvement and policy experience, including working for the Education Endowment Foundation and as a Local Authority consultant, as a Head Teacher, teacher trainer, consultant and a teacher. She has balanced a career in school with an academic career and is currently studying for a PhD exploring the teaching of reading comprehension at the University of Sussex, UK. Megan writes a weekly column for the Times Educational Supplement, regularly presents at conferences and is often found writing in collaboration with researchers and academics.