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Successful Subject Leadership

Time: 9:30am - 12:00pm

Virtual course.  Please note that this course will NOT be recorded.

Member - £99
Non-Member - £149

Facilitator - Craig Batley

Subject leadership and developing a broad and balanced curriculum are current and crucial areas in any school or academy. This session is designed to look at what works in subject leadership to support teachers in the practical aspects of their everyday roles.

A key focus will be to consider what makes subject leaders effective in leading and managing.  There will be suggestions as to what subject leaders might do in their work with colleagues and how they might do this.  Subject monitoring will be another key consideration. The course will also direct delegates to consider manageable and time efficient approaches, including delegation and collaboration. 


This course will enable participants to do the following:

  • To think about the actions undertaken by successful subject leaders;
  • To revisit the recent past to better understand the origins of the current focus on curriculum and subject leadership;
  • To recognise and understand the expectation that for subject leaders to be successful, they should make a positive difference to teaching and learning;
  • To understand some of the key aspects of subject leadership that are the focus of Ofsted inspections and the background to the current inspection handbook;
  • To focus on how well subject leaders incorporate key evidence-based approaches in their leadership roles;
  • To reflect on how well leaders develop progression in pupils’ knowledge, skills and understanding, and vocabulary;
  • To think about how to develop pupil voice and how leaders monitor their subjects;
  • To reflect on manageable approaches to subject leadership including several aspects of delegation;
  • To consider how effectively leaders are collaborating with others.



Head Teachers, Deputy Head Teachers, Assistant Head Teachers, SENCos, senior leaders, aspiring leaders, middle leaders in all settings.


Craig Batley

Craig has over 30 years' experience in schools throughout the Yorkshire region.

His expertise is derived from 18 successful years in role as a senior leader, headteacher and local leader. He has worked in a variety of schools and has led a school from serious weaknesses to good. Craig has worked for a local authority and for 6 years as a freelance consultant across a range of settings.