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A fair deal on pay

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Since 2010, school leaders and their staff have delivered an extraordinary change of agenda, ‘stepping up’ to deliver a new national curriculum and new models of assessment across all phases of education, at pace.

However, between 2010 and 2016, the TUC calculates that teachers’ pay has fallen by 10.4 per cent in real-terms.  NAHT is clear that as a matter of fairness and justice all teachers deserve a cost of living pay rise that:

  • Protects their salary against further erosion by the current and rising rate of inflation
  • Includes a restorative element that makes a first step towards restoring the real value of all teaching salaries to their 2010 level
  • Is fully-funded by the government.


This is a critical step in resolving the recruitment and retention crisis in teaching so that we can retain existing teachers, secure the pipeline of new leaders and recruit high-quality graduates into teaching.

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