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 As one of the leading voices in education, our research reports pack a punch. We endeavour to understand school leaders’ views on the issues that matter most to them. From assessment to recruitment to funding, our reports are highly regarded across the UK.


NAHT survey shows the majority of schools in England are looking at redundancies due to the funding crisis

NAHT has released the findings of its latest funding survey, revealing the desperate cuts schools are having to make in the face of rising costs and government underfunding.

In the largest survey of school leaders ever taken, more than 11,000 school leaders in England responded with the majority of schools reporting that they will have to make redundancies next year.

  • Two thirds (66%) say they will have to make teaching assistants redundant or reduce their hours
  • Half (50%) say they are looking at reducing the number of teachers or teaching hours.

Paul Whiteman, NAHT general secretary, said:
“Schools are being hit by a perfect storm of costs. In attempting to balance their budgets, school leaders are being faced with eye-watering energy bills, spiralling costs to resources and supplies, and the financial impact of an unfunded pay increase this year. With no fat left to cut following a decade of austerity, many thousands of schools are now looking at falling into deficit unless they make swingeing cuts. Education is truly in a perilous state.”

Read the full press release here

Read NAHT's new funding report, ‘The Cliff Edge: the nations’s underfunded and overstretched school budgets'

Our survey findings are receiving a lot of press and media coverage  here are just a few examples:

First published 08 November 2022