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Support staff pay award 2024/25

February 2024

The unions are expected to submit their pay claim for 2024/25 at the end of February 2024. 

NAHT's view on the local government pay scales

We do not believe that the current local government pay scales offer enough flexibility to recognise the status and seniority of a school business leader (SBL) role, nor do they take account of the growth in the scope and responsibility of SBLs' roles over recent years.

We are clear that in the long term, there should be a national framework that defines the roles and sets out the pay and conditions of all those employed in a national, publicly funded education system, including SBLs. We have repeatedly and extensively made this case to the School Teachers' Review Body (STRB), including in our latest work, which you can find here.

We continue to call for a significant pay increase for all teachers and leaders, including school business leaders, which is fully funded by the government. In the interim, NAHT has developed member advice around SBL pay and grading to support individuals with their personal circumstances and offer support to individual members with their cases for pay reviews.


First published 05 February 2024