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Pay, pensions and conditions

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Everything you need to know about school leaders' pay, pension rates and conditions of employment. 

Have a question about your pension? Email pensionsadvice@naht.org.uk.

School business leader pay and grading

NAHT believes school business leaders (SBLs) who are part of the school leadership team (SLT) should be paid on a similar salary range as other SLT staff. This advice note sets out which body has the power to determine SBL pay in various settings, and highlights applicable legislation and case law, where relevant. It then gives an overview of equal work and equal pay, so members will get an understanding of the background to job evaluation and challenges in relation to SBL pay in local authority (LA) maintained schools in particular. The document concludes with a discussion around three commonly used job evaluation schemes and possible tactics to use when requesting an evaluation. 

Please also see the corresponding NAHT advice School business leader - recruitment and reward.

First published 08 December 2021