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Joining FAQs


Am I eligible for membership?

NAHT welcomes into full membership all education leaders from both academic and managerial grades within educational professions in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and Scotland.

Membership eligibility includes all colleagues who are part of the school or college’s senior leadership team, including assistant heads and school business managers. Teachers with leadership responsibility are eligible to join our category for middle leaders, NAHT Edge. For a full list of eligible members please click this link to the terms and conditions

If you would like us to check your eligibility for membership or that you are paying the correct rate of subscription, please click here to submit your current work details.

When does my membership start?
All our memberships start on the first day of each month. When joining online your membership will automatically start on the first day of the following month e.g. apply on line on 17 May, membership begins on 1 June.

I want to start my membership in a different month, is this possible?
Yes, however when joining online, all our memberships automatically start on the first day of the following month, therefore, please can you email your full name and contact details to joinus@naht.org.uk and advise us of your preferred start date.

Do I pay more if I choose to pay monthly?
No,our rates are divided equally over 12 months and there is no penalty for paying on a monthly basis. In fact, most of our members choose to pay this way.

I notice that membership runs from 1 January to 31 December of each year.  Do I need to reapply at the end of the year?
No, you don’t need to do anything. Our membership year runs from 1 January to 31 December but membership is continuous from one year to the next until you tell us otherwise. 

Whilst the membership year starts on 1 January our rates are pro-rated and you can start your membership in whichever month you wish.

Can I get tax relief on my subscriptions?
All our subscriptions are tax deductibleFor those who have been in membership for a while please be advised that you can claim back up to four years when applying for tax relief.

I would like to become a member but I am currently with another union at the moment, what do I need to do?
Changing memberships from your existing union to NAHT is very easy. As all our memberships start on the first day of the month you need to choose the month that you want to become a member and join us.  

With that date in mind we recommend that you send an email to your existing union advising them that you wish to cancel your membership on the very last day of the previous month which will then give you cover from one union to another with no gaps in between.

I am an assistant head, should I join NAHT Edge or NAHT?
The choice is yours - as an assistant head, you’re eligible to be a member of either organisation. The primary difference between NAHT and NAHT Edge is that we’re focused on different career stages and deliver services in slightly different ways.So, while NAHT concentrates solely on school leadership matters, NAHT Edge is suited to someone who also still spends a lot of time in the classroom and accordingly, includes an emphasis on curriculum and pedagogy, as well as on leading a department, subject or year. 

We’re also different in the way we network - NAHT Edge won’t have a local branch structure or officials, with members instead encouraged to become part of our online community to connect, share advice and best practice, arrange mentoring, shadowing and secondments, vote on policy and use discussion forums. This will mean that you won’t have to travel or take time out of school as often to speak to like-minded professionals. Both forms of membership will offer tailored face-to-face small-group training courses.

As a new, modern organisation NAHT Edge should also be responsive to your needs, giving you opportunities to influence and shape it. 

Register your interest in NAHT Edge

I am a school business manager, why should I become a member?
NAHT is specifically for leaders in education and therefore as a school business manager and a member of your school’s leadership team the advice and support that we offer is suited to you and your role. Click here for further information on benefits of membership.

am an interim head, can I be a member and if so what rate do I pay?
Yes, as an interim head you need to select the head teacher's membership category, putting in your correct job title during the online joining process. The rate you will pay will be that of that of a head teacher.

I am in an acting role, can I be a member and if so what rate do a I pay?
Yes in your acting role you can become of a member, however, we need to assist you with your application. Please contact us so we can ensure you pay the correct rate as all individuals whilst in an acting roles (apart from an assistant head) pay a lower rate.

I work part time,  can I get a reduction in my subscription?
Yes, anybody who works 0.6fte or less is eligible for a 40% reduction on their subscription.  

We need to assist you with your membership application, please contact us so we can  confirm your subscription rate and facilitate your application.

My school is based on a BFPO base overseas. Do I pay the overseas rate?
No, the good news is that as you are employed in a BFPO school you only have to pay the UK rate.

If you cannot find what you’re looking for, please email a member of our membership team at joinus@naht.org.uk.

Thank you.