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Curriculum Design, planning, implementation and evaluation


Online course

Book for 25 May

Many schools are currently in the process of evaluating and re-designing their curriculum. In this one day seminar, Chris will guide you through three stages of curriculum design: intent, implementation and impact.


  • building ‘cultural capital’
  • mapping breadth study
  • creating a curriculum progression model 
  • articulating curriculum design rationale
  • visualising end points


  • using research from the learning sciences to guide implementation decisions
  • using subject specific pedagogy (content pedagogical knowledge)
  • the role of subject leaders (or equivalent)


  • assessment methodologies
  • how to monitor attainment without flight paths, predicted grades or point scores

Have a look back at the seminar we ran in December and find out how our attendees found the day.


Senior staff and middle/subject leaders in primary and secondary phases


By the end of this seminar you will: 

  • Consider and understand the research underpinning the Ofsted 2019 framework
  • Have explored the research around curriculum design for long-term memory
  • Advance your understanding of the importance of curriculum breadth
  • Have explored, in detail, a curriculum progression model
  • Have considered the rationale for the design of your curriculum


  • Understand how to plan curriculum breadth to build cultural capital  
  • Understand the curriculum design issues involved in long-term memory   
  • Understand how to develop a curriculum progression model   
  • Understand the limitations of working memory   
  • Learn practical strategies to overcome the limitations of long-term memory   
  • Explore subject specific pedagogies   
  • Explore assessment strategies   
  • Explore monitoring strategies without flight paths, point scores or predicted grades   
  • Explore implications for subject leaders (or equivalent)


Chris Quigley is a specialist in primary education. He has been a Teacher, Head Teacher, Lead Inspector and Trainer of School Inspectors. He is also a publisher and a Director of Chris Quigley Education, where he leads a team of specialists, delivering inspiring training.

Chris is widely known throughout the UK and overseas having worked directly with schools in most LAs in England and other schools in the Channel Islands, Wales, Singapore, Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Switzerland. His books have sold thousands of copies in over 16 countries.