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Keynote Speaker - Will Hussey



Will is an award-winning best-selling author and key-note speaker, who specialises in making a difference. He has a degree in Physical and Adventure Education, which is pretty much how he thinks all education should be. Combining teacher-training with hypnotherapy, Will soon came to realise the importance of cultivating mindset alongside curriculum. He works with a wide variety of individuals, schools and organisations, both at home and abroad, helping them to believe in better. Will specialises in transformational thinking for ages 5 to 105; often initiating small changes that make a big difference.

It's genuinely never too late to learn.


The Art of Being Brilliant explores how to help people flourish both inside and outside the education setting in which they work, upgrading from merely surviving to thriving.  The content is taken from the latest research into positive psychology, well-being, growth mindset rationale and emotional contagion.

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