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Coronavirus - the latest information and resources for school leaders

With the situation changing rapidly in reaction to the coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic, we've set up a central place for you to access the latest news and advice for school leaders.

Rest assured that we are firmly committed to supporting our members to the highest possible standard, without putting the health and well-being of our members or colleagues at risk.

You can access our general advice line (0300 30 30 333) between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday, and our counselling line is open 24/7. 


Awarding qualifications in summer 2021: guidance and support materials

The following documents can be downloaded from the JCQ’s page containing guidance to support the awarding of general qualifications this summer


  • JCQ Guidance on the Determination of Grades for A AS Levels and GCSEs Summer 2021
  • JCQ Guidance for Students and Parents on Summer 2021
  • Summer 2021 Centre Policy Summary Online Form
  • A Guide to the Submission of Centre Policy
  • JCQ Summer 2021 Documents Change Log.


  • Summer 2021 JCQ Guidance - Centre policy
  • Summer 2021 JCQ Guidance - Assessment Record template
  • Summer 2021 JCQ Guidance - Head of Department checklist.

Grading supporting documentation:

  • Summer 2021 Grade Descriptors A-AS Levels
  • Summer 2021 Grade Descriptors GCSE
  • Summer 2021 JCQ Guidance – Worked Examples.

Further support materials:

  • Summer 2021 Private Candidates - FAQs
  • JCQ Interim Guidance for Private Candidate Centres
  • Retention of evidence - Summer 2021.

Ofqual information

Ofqual has also published some key documents related to awarding general qualifications:


Awarding of vocational and technical qualifications

JCQ members have been working to ensure that arrangements put in place for awarding vocational and technical qualifications (VTQs) this summer are fair and transparent and do not advantage or disadvantage vocational learners against their peers taking similar qualifications whether general or vocational.

Support materials to help with the administration of VTQs summer 2021 assessments can be found here

Ofqual has also published information regarding the awarding of VTQs this summer:


First published 19 April 2021