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NAHT Counselling, information and support helpline

Your membership entitles you to use a helpline provided for NAHT by Education Support. Education Support's helpline is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

It is completely confidential and provides you with telephone or online support from specialist call handlers and counsellors who understand the demands of working in education. It provides:

  • emotional support and counselling
  • specialist information on work-life balance    
  • specialist information on eldercare, childcare and disabled care support
  • financial and legal information
  • management consultation to support those responsible for managing others
  • up to six sessions of telephone counselling
  • access to Computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CCBT)
  • information on local services such as eldercare and childcare

Their experts assess each call individually and decide on the best course of action for each caller, whether counselling, CCBT, or signposting to additional services.

So if you need counselling, information or support please contact the helpline on:

0800 917 4055

Website: www.educationsupport.org.uk    

Email:  support@edsupport.org.uk

Please note, if you request a call-back or are expecting a follow-up call from the helpline, this will appear on your phone as a withheld number for confidentiality reasons. If you need to get back in touch or enquire about a call-back to the service, please ring 0800 917 4055 or email support@edsupport.org.uk - please include NAHT Helpline in your email subject and in the body of the email.