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World Wide Web consortium (W3C) compliance

We seek to meet Priority A, AA and selected AAA guidelines of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

We are committed to addressing any access issues promptly, so if you experience any difficulties in accessing our website we would like to know. Please send feeback to the NAHT Web Team

Text Only

The pages of this site are available in text only mode by selecting Text Only in the top navigation bar to the right hand side of the page

Text Resizing

Text on the page can be re-sized using the Text SIze options to the right of the page just above the search box.

Access Keys

This site includes “Access Keys” to assist users with disabilities navigate their way through the site. Access keys are keyboard shortcuts the allow users to navigate to common pages without the use of a mouse

How to use access keys

Where do you want to go?

  • home accesskey="1"

  • site help accesskey="5"

  • site map accesskey="3"

  • accessibility accesskey="0"

  • text only accesskey="2"

  • change width accesskey="6"

  • text larger accesskey="B"

  • text smaller accesskey="9"