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Ofsted Update - Reducing the stress and workload with Ofsted inspections


Book for Online, 16 May 2022

Member - £149
Non-Member - £230

Facilitator - Philippa Ollerhead

This course will enable school leaders to manage and reduce the stress associated with school inspection, through excellent leadership practice, embedding school improvement into the annual quality cycle and taking account of best practice. The course will include the latest updates on Ofsted allowing you the opportunity to examine each aspect of inspection in relation to your own school. In doing so, you will be able to learn how to improve all aspects of school leadership and ensure that the education your pupils receive is the best experience possible.

There will be a focus on curriculum, deep dives and pastoral care, sharing strategies on how to present your evidence in a succinct and accessible format.

You will learn how to integrate best practice models into every aspect of school leadership. You will have the opportunity to examine the suitability of your self-evaluation and action planning to communicate your school effectively to parents, staff and governors

96% of attendees said they could use the session’s information immediately

96% of attendees rated the speaker’s knowledge as excellent


Senior leaders in primary, special and secondary schools


By the end of the session you will
  • Include specific practical examples, referenced to relevant guidance / legislation
  • The course will help you to use the framework to bring about school improvement by:
  • Understanding what Ofsted does not want you to do, enabling you to reduce stress and workload for yourself and your staff
  • Interpreting the inspection framework and handbook in order to embrace good practice and support you to bring about school improvement
  • Discuss and develop your curriculum and pastoral care plan and strategies
  • Prepare staff for the deep dive process and conversation
  • Ensuring that your self-evaluation is accurate
  • Understanding how strategic planning can be successful
  • Developing clear and measurable success criteria for improvement
  • Ensuring that all staff and governors are well prepared and understand what to expect during an inspection


Including learning delegates will take back
  • You will be taken through each aspect of the inspection framework in order to:
  • Consider each element of the framework in order to fully embrace best practice
  • Look closely at the evidence required to make each judgement, the criteria for making the judgements and best practice models
  • Consider how best to present your evidence clearly and succinctly
  • Work through the questions inspectors will ask middle leaders during the deep dive and to governors during their meeting with inspectors
  • Reflect on the current levels of effectiveness in your own school
  • Identify where practice is already working well, or might be improved and developed
  • Be given the opportunity to plan how your school will prepare the practicalities following the phone call and prepare pupils, staff and governors


Philippa Ollerhead

Philippa has had a long career in education, having been a Head of English, a Vice Principal of a large sixth form college in Greater Manchester, Head teacher of a pupil referral unit and Head teacher of a secondary alternative provision school. Philippa is formally trained every academic year in the rigorous of the common inspection framework in order to prepare primary and secondary schools for Ofsted visits.

Philippa is a training partner for the NAHT, delivering courses for Head teachers across the country, in subjects such as Removing the Stress from Ofsted Inspections, Safeguarding, Financial Transparency for Maintained Schools, Growing MAT structures and An Introduction to Executive Headship.

Philippa has been an education improvement adviser for 6 years and works with schools in all sectors around the country supporting school leaders.

What people have said about this course


A succinct overview of the new framework delivered by a knowledgeable professional who was happy to answer questions. Content revised in line with new publications.

The course was fast paced, relevant and well communicated. The facilitator responded extremely well to questions and the specific circumstances of the delegates there.

The strategies I have gained will reduce workload but also ensure I have meaningful data for all professionals, parents and staff.