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At Nexus we are passionate about helping children learn faster whilst raising standards in Literacy & Numeracy! By designing and developing unique products in partnership with educational consultants, our products are high quality and effective. The FREE workshops provide a smooth start to our Pegs to Paper & Count Up Schemes

Nexus has created the evidence-based program, Pegs to Paper, in partnership with child Psychologist and former chair of the National Handwriting Association; Dr Angela Webb. The program has recently been extended to incorporate P2P Count Up which uses the Pegs to Paper resources, plus an assortment of new components to teach mathematical concepts using a fun, hands on approach. This year we were proud to announce that our Nexus Giant Pegboard, a key element in both schemes, was included in the fantastic “Making your Mark” Exhibition at the British Library!

Literacy - Pegs to Paper

Raising standards in Early years literacy, P2P helps to teach pre-handwriting skills covering the tripod pen grip (Using Mr Grippy Giant peg), letter formation and structure, vocabulary builder (language development) copying and drawing patterns.

All four aspects of the activity - Listening, Saying, Doing and Drawing, all contribute to the child’s understanding.  

“Pegs to Paper encourages the mastery of a series of different processes: motor, cognitive and perceptual. Child C is now using the cursive script with some success. His writing is clear and can be read by anyone” - Middle Park Primary School

Click here to read more about the exhibition in Dr Angela Webb’s Article on the future of handwriting and see the Nexus Giant Grippy Pegboard in action!

Numeracy – P2P Count Up (made of carbonated bamboo)

The most open-ended Math’s manipulative, that fits perfectly within the Singapore style CPA approach, P2P Count Up subitizes numbers for instant recognition, faultlessly represents mathematical values, enhances fine motor skills and healthy brain development. Surfaces are supplied blank so that they can be written on with our smudge free washable pastels, to label numbers & coordinates onto the board, strips and tiles to create a myriad of 100 square permutations. Even the reverse side of the board can be used to teach estimation (guesstimate).

Through our partnership with the NAHT, we are pleased to announce we are offering FREE Workshops with your Local Account Manager including a 10% Discount off all Pegs to Paper and Count Up Products with the code NAHT10NEXUS. Simply call our free phone number 0800 137245 or contact us via email at to book your FREE workshop now!

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