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Since May 2018, all schools are required to appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO).  The role needs to be independent of management (i.e. not a member of the SLT) and an ‘expert’ in Data Protection Law.

Judicium Education are GDPR trainers to the NAHT. We currently act as the DPO to over 1,200 schools. 

Judicium’s DPO service is now offered at a discount to NAHT members. The service includes:

1. Going ‘on record’ and acting as the school’s DPO.  Our contact details shall need to be added to your school’s website. 

2. Annual on-site Data Protection Audit and Action Plan, and termly review. 

3.Unlimited documents and advice to assist with evidencing GDPR compliance.

4. GDPR training for employees, on-site at your school’s premises (CPD accredited.

5. Unlimited access to almost 30 GDPR e-learning modules for employees (CPD accredited).

6. Unlimited telephone / email support, from your legally-qualified DPO advisor (normally, qualified as solicitor / barrister).   

7. Managing and assisting with Subject Access Requests.

8. Managing and assisting with Freedom of Information Requests.

9. Managing and assisting with Data Breaches, including liaison with the Information Commissioner and other regulatory authorities.

10. On-line Compliance Dashboard, so governors / trustees can have transparent oversight of their school / MAT’s GDPR Compliance, in ‘real-time’, for Good Governance purposes.     

If you’d like to discuss Judicium’s discounted NAHT DPO Service, please contact

Georgina de Costa, BA (Hons), Judicium Education

0203 326 9172

72 Cannon Street, London, EC4N 6AE