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Many schools are considering how to enable a smooth transition back to school when it’s safe to do so – both in terms of learning and wellbeing.

Following the lockdown, you might be looking at how to identify gaps in learning so you can recognise both curriculum and pastoral needs and where students will need additional support. You might be in search of transition and baseline data from which to measure progress going forward, particularly with the cancellation of Key Stage 2 SATs in England this summer. And you might also be looking for a way to measure students’ attitudinal and emotional health on returning after this prolonged absence from school. 

The good news is we are here to help you. We are the leading provider of formative assessments to UK schools, with over 40 years’ experience.

Our assessments provide you with the data to baseline your students, at the right time for you after they return. They can also support you in understanding current levels of attainment, including students’ reading ages, helping you to identify any gaps in knowledge across core subjects and aiding your curriculum planning. Additionally, our PASS measure allows you to gauge the attitudes and mindset of your students as they return to school after this period of absence.

GL Assessment is delighted to partner with NAHT and offer its members a 10% discount off their first purchase. For further information, please contact us and quote the discount code NAHT.

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