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FlashAcademy® is currently offering free trials to help schools explore how it can support them to deliver a targeted 'catch-up' intervention that's so needed for pupils with EAL at this time.

Click here to book your virtual demonstration and free trial today! NAHT members also receive a 5% discount towards a FlashAcademy® school licence when quoting promo code: NAHT.

More than 1.5 million pupils in the UK are classified as having English as an additional language (EAL). With school closures creating a concerning education divide, EAL pupils have a much higher vulnerability to their non-EAL peers. They risk being left behind the most and will inevitably need more catch-up time ahead of September.

FlashAcademy® is a pupil-centric, language-learning app teaching the English curriculum content from 45 different home languages, as well as English to English, helping to ensure that no pupil is left behind. Accessible on smartphone, tablet and PC, the app also offers independent learning from English to supporting children who are illiterate in their home language. FlashAcademy® auto-marks pupils' work and enables teachers to remotely assign work and track pupils' progress, easing both time and workload pressures.

As a result of the app's independent style of learning, thousands of learners in the UK and internationally are continuing to advance their English language skills, during a very challenging time for education. Providing learning on all devices, including smartphones, has proven crucial at a time when computers are not always available at home.

Anderton Park Primary School uses the FlashAcademy platform as a core part of the curriculum for its EAL learners. Claire Evans, deputy head, talks about how the technology has impacted her pupils:

"We know that those who learn English best are those who are fully immersed in the language, and so we use FlashAcademy® alongside established classroom methods, including discussions and working in small groups. Our children get the best of both worlds! The fact that it can also be used at home with families is a huge plus factor, so the learning doesn't stop at home time. Attainment for pupils with EAL has doubled since using the FlashAcademy® EAL resource – it has been remarkable. It helps that pupils love it. Having their own app makes them feel really special." 

FlashAcademy® is also hosting a series of free CPD webinars to support teachers and teaching assistants responsible for EAL provision. You can access the full recordings to all three webinars on The Hub.

Click here to book your virtual demonstration and free trial today! NAHT members also receive a 5% discount towards a FlashAcademy® school licence when quoting promo code: NAHT.

Page revised:03/07/2020