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NAHT Aspire TLIF programme

The Teaching and Leadership Innovation Fund (TLIF) was launched by the DfE in February 2017 and is a three-year investment to support high-quality continuing professional development for teachers and leaders in areas of the country and schools that need it most. The overall aim is to improve outcomes for children and young people, thereby making a significant contribution towards tackling social mobility.

The NAHT Aspire TLIF programme is a one-year, free of charge programme for teacher and leadership development, based upon the successful NAHT Aspire school improvement model. The NAHT TLIF programme is now fully recruited and being delivered across the country through 19 networks of between three to eight schools. 35 participating schools have now been inspected by Ofsted with 69% improving by at least one grade.

For schools to be eligible for the TLIF funding, they need to be located in one of the government opportunity areas (GOAs) or in Group 5 or 6 local authority districts. They must also have a current Ofsted judgement of requires improvement or inadequate.

You can find out more about the programme here