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IMPORTANT:  You could be owed a tax refund

If you pay tax, there’s a fairly high chance you’ve paid too much.

More than one in three taxpayers has paid more tax than they need to because they’ve been given the wrong tax code by HMRC.

Sixty-two per cent of NAHT members opting to use the experts at the Tax Refund Company to check their tax codes have discovered HMRC had issued them with the wrong code, resulting in them paying too much tax – on average £359.96 each.

If you want a professional tax code expert to do this for you, it’s worth considering the service offered by the Tax Refund Company. Used already by over 2,000 NAHT members already, they’ll review your current and last four years’ codes. Where they identify you’ve paid too much tax, they’ll arrange for HMRC to refund your money.

The main facts you need to know:

• Your review is free if you don’t get a tax refund

• For every £1 refunded, you keep 62p (minimum fee £38*)

• You keep 100 per cent of any future savings you make from having a new tax code.

To have your tax codes checked and see if you are due a tax refund, click here

This is your hard earned money. Why let The Revenue keep it? 

*If your refund is less than £38, the minimum fee will be reduced to the same value as your refund, so you have nothing to pay 


Call the Tax Refund Company’s customer service team on 0161 968 7345 (office hours Mon to Fri, 9am to 5pm) or read their FAQs at