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Membership grades and rates

If you are part of the leadership team of a primary or secondary school or college, you can join. Those eligible include the following:

  • Head teacher, executive head, director or principal (£36 per month or £432 per annum) 
  • Deputy head teacher or vice-principal (£28.50 per month or £342 per annum)
  • Assistant head teacher or assistant principal (£20 per month or £240 per annum)
  • School business leader (£20 per month or £240 per annum)
  • Children’s Centre Leader or AHOEC (£20 per month or £240 per annum).

Life membership (for retired members)  

A one-off fee is payable in the first year. Rates for 2021 are as follows: 

  • Head teachers £432
  • Deputy head teachers £342
  • Assistant heads or school business managers £240. 

This can be paid as a single payment or in 12 monthly instalments. After that, it is £42 per annum. 

Associate member (£18 per month or £216 per annum)

Associate membership is open to all NAHT members who are leaving school leadership and/or aren’t yet eligible for Life membership.

As you broaden your horizons, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that associate membership will give you retrospective cover for your time in school leadership. To ensure you remain covered, please transfer to associate membership within six months of leaving school leadership.

Important: subscription payments must be continuous and may need to be backdated. 

More about membership grades

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