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NAHT Cymru welcomes Westminster funding for teachers' pay increases in Wales

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Rob Williams, Policy Director at Welsh school leaders' union NAHT Cymru, said: "This is the right thing to do, and the only thing to do. A pay award which excludes staff in Wales would never have been acceptable to anyone in the profession.

"We welcome this announcement. We're particularly pleased to see that it comes after NAHT wrote to all Welsh Westminster MPs and all Assembly members, asking them for support in securing a fairer pay award.

"Schools across Wales and across the rest of the UK are facing severe financial pressures and difficulty in recruiting and retaining teachers and leaders. While this year’s pay award is an improvement on pay awards in recent years there is still a risk that there will be a direct impact on pupils as it is likely that many schools will have to make further cuts to the curriculum and student support services.

"Schools need the essential resources of sufficient teachers and funding and we are concerned that the pay award fails to address the difficulties in respect of the former while intensifying the pressures in respect of the latter.

"Teachers on the upper and leadership pay ranges are still only in line to receive 2% and 1.5% respectively, which, as the rate of inflation is 2.5%, still represents a pay cut. This follows many years of pay freezes and pay caps, and will further demoralise our most experienced teachers and leaders, thereby further damaging retention.

"Only new money from the Treasury will solve the school funding and recruitment crisis."

First published 15 October 2018