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NAHT Cymru newsletter - July 2019

Make sure Welsh school leaders voices are heard and join us on 27 September 2019 in Westminster to march for school funding.

When more than a thousand school leaders marched through Westminster last September, we were hugely successful in highlighting the crisis in school funding in England and pushing the issue up the national agenda. 

In Wales, we have been campaigning for sufficient, equitable and transparent school funding for some time. You and your teams are on the front line of Welsh society, dealing with the fallout from years of austerity and picking up the pieces left behind by cuts to health, local authorities and other services.

When NAHT kicked off the school funding campaign in 2017, Westminster said there was more money in education than ever before. Now, ministers are openly admitting there’s a problem.

The Welsh Assembly Children, Young People and Education committee launch their school funding inquiry report this week and the evidence they received from us made it clear that there is insufficient funding in the system. 

Our campaign is working but we have yet to see any new money coming into Wales via an increase from the Treasury.

With politics in turmoil, there are no guarantees that any of our schools will see one penny of the money that we know is needed. 

We need instant financial relief to address the cuts since 2010, followed by a long-term commitment to education funding to guarantee that we never find ourselves in this dreadful situation again.

Central government needs to commit to properly investing in education and the Welsh government needs to use it more effectively.

Our plan is to stage another march, bigger than last year, on the 27 September in Westminster. Children and young people in Wales deserve greater investment and our school leaders have an opportunity to make the case on their behalf. 

As with last year, we will work alongside the WorthLess? campaign group. New for 2019 will be an NAHT rally after the march, with some high-profile political speakers.

At our funding march last September, I was so proud of the effort NAHT members made. I know how busy school leaders in Wales are, and I know your time is precious, but this issue is of such huge importance we must make a stand. 

Please join us on 27 September and tell us you’re coming by clicking here.

Of course, your NAHT membership is not just about activism. The benefits of NAHT membership are exceptional, and they are about to extend even further. Last Friday saw the launch of the ‘NAHT Extras’ platform – offering exclusive savings for NAHT members. Also, remember to check out our new Autumn CPD offer which contains a number of bespoke courses built from members' feedback.

Rob Williams, Director NAHT Cymru

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Save on your membership with NAHT Extras

Last Friday we launched NAHT Extras -  our new and exclusive member-savings platform. You can now save money on everything from your daily shop to the one-off big spends, with hundreds of discounts available online and in-store.

Kicking off the launch of NAHT Extras, this week there are some unmissable flash savings on some of the top UK tech, travel, home, DIY and fashion brands. Make sure you don’t miss out!

Please note that all members with a personal email address will be sent login details on Friday. If you are using a shared school email address, please make sure to update your details with a personal email address to access NAHT Extras.


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Fund Schools Now - join us on the march in Westminster on 27 September

The school funding crisis has not gone away and the government has done little to alleviate the huge pressures school budgets are under. We need instant financial relief to address the cuts since 2010, followed by a long-term commitment to education funding to guarantee that we never find ourselves in this dreadful situation again.

On Friday 27 September in Westminster, we will publicly call on the government to address the school funding crisis.

Find out more and register your place »

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Sign our letter to the Chancellor calling for school funding in Wales

The level of funding allocated by the UK Treasury and sent into Wales via the Barnett Formula is simply not enough. School leaders from Wales have come together to write a letter to the chancellor explaining how the current school funding crisis is impacting on their schools.

We are calling on all head teachers and chairs of governors in the 22 local authorities in Wales to add their name to the letter, to show the Chancellor the strength of feeling across the nation.
Sign the letter »

This year schools and colleges representing 1.2 million pupils signed up to celebrate lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans equality in education - find out more about School Diversity Week 2019



Court of Appeal decision on age discrimination in public sector pensions - update

The Supreme Court has refused permission for the government to appeal against the 2018 Court of Appeal ruling which concluded that members of certain public sector pension schemes had been subjected to unlawful age discrimination in changes to their pension scheme. This 2018 ruling stated that the protections the government had introduced for older workers in these pension schemes allowing them to continue to benefit from the previous, more generous pension arrangements discriminated against younger employees, as they were not given the same protection.
Read more »

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Female genital mutilation

It is estimated that there are 60,000 girls under 15 at risk of FGM in the UK at present and 137,000 girls and women in this country living with the consequences of FGM, with girls up to the age of 15 most at risk.
This new advice document for NAHT members provides guidance on the signs to look out for, the legal position and the duty to report.

Download the advice here »

Additional advice resources

Relationships education, sex education and health education for primary schools: what you need to know
Guidance on how schools should develop their sex education policy, plan and deliver their relationships
and sexuality education provision and work in partnership with others.


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Published 11 July 2019