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NAHT comments on Welsh government’s consultation on new curriculum legislation

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Responding to the Welsh government’s announcement of a consultation on transformative new legislation intended to shake-up the curriculum in Wales, Rob Williams, director of NAHT Cymru, said: 

“Changes to the legislation are clearly required to enable the new curriculum to be implemented across Wales. This indicates the start of a crucial period in the curriculum implementation process.

“When schools have first access to the draft ‘Areas of Learning and Experience’ in April 2019, there needs to be full engagement across the system. Everyone needs to understand that further changes and updates will almost certainly be required within each AoLE and a great deal of work will be essential in ensuring all schools are equipped with the training and resources, including core school funding, to implement such ambitious reform.

“Welsh Government will need to be in open listening mode and professional feedback from schools will be critical if implementation is to be successful. In combination with the current Additional Learning Needs reform, the challenge at school-level is simply enormous and neither can be achieved by cutting any corners.”

First published 31 January 2019