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Coronavirus Regulations (Wales) 2020

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A message from NAHT Cymru to members in Wales

The Welsh government has legislated on social distancing in the workplace.  The new law clearly states that it is the employer’s duty to ensure the law is adhered to.  

However, the guidance also acknowledges that the two-metre social distancing law cannot apply to all settings and lists schools among the exceptions.

We know this is the case in practice; however, the fact that no protective measures are going to be taken as a result of this is unacceptable.  

Options such as PPE, restrictions on pupil numbers in each childcare setting, having a staff rota that means people are in as few times as possible (one a week/fortnight) to protect against sustained exposure to the virus and to allow symptoms to develop, testing of school staff must be considered.  

NAHT Cymru has raised its concerns with the Welsh government and is working with trade union colleagues and the Wales TUC to challenge this issue.

You can view the full details of the new law here.

First published 08 April 2020